Thursday, February 16, 2012

Challenge #26~Stitching and Winner

I'm soooo very sorry this is two days late. Ugh! I thought for sure I would have internet access where we were staying at home in Pa. but it turns out that we did not! My cousin-in-law/BFF bought a 2nd house in the mountains and if you love nature and quiet and all that's perfect but for someone like me who NEEDS her computer and TV and "life" it was a very long 4 days in the woods. I did however get a ton of reading done! But it was freezing cold and we couldn't even be outside (not that I enjoy nature that much I would much rather be laying on a beach somewhere...when she buys a beach house then I'll go back!!! LOL!!!

So let's get this party started!!!!

Challenge #25 Winner

Congrats!!! Shoot me an email with 3 images you would like from the store!!


Beautiful work ladies! Thank you for sharing your creations with us, giving us some inspiration and of course joining the  challenge!

This can be REAL or FAUX
(if you take a look at Manderly in the Top 3 she has done some amazing stitching)
I'd love to see some sewing machines being broken out for this ;-)
And of course we have some FAB work from the DT as well for you!!

Here is Valentine Background looking so cute and colored nice and bright! Audrey used some paper that she found that was stitched already so she got off easy...LOL!!!

used Trenton and decided to do this lovely shaped card and she used a paper piercer and a pen to make her faux stitching...very creative!!!

used the daisy's image and this is sooo perfect for spring. You need to enlarge this image to get a really good look but the flowers are super sparkly and she did real's in a light color but we all love that she took the time to dig out her machine and fight with it to get a lovely zig zag stitch!!! ;-)

used seamstress Cynthia and did her stitching over her paper ribbon (I think it's paper and I just love these colors and those beautiful pearls!

used one of the new Alice in Wonderland images and holy feels like I just stepped into wonderland. This is amazing!!!! She did faux stitching around her flowers and image. There is so much detail here so be sure to take a nice long look...did you see the bottle in the corner...perfect touch!

used birthday bunny and decided to do some real stitching around her super cute card...pretty colors and ribbon. Love that accent at the bottom.

used Audrey and Aj on bench and did a ton of stitching! She even did a little bit of faux stitching around her bling! I just love these nice rich colors of her image!

did a scrapbook page and I am sooooo loving this. She used smoochie and did a combination of faux and real stitching. I love that all the hearts are linked through the stitching and the colors...fabulous! This is DARLING!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have been out of town for the past 5 days and I thought I was going to have internet access and I did not. So I will have the new challenge up and ready for you all tomorrow....Wednesday! I'm super sorry!

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's "Freebie for our Fabulous Followers" day!!!!

Thank you everyone for following our blog!!! We love all of you! (our freebie is only available for 24 hours. If you've missed it, become a follower and don't miss another one)