Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good morning everyone,

It's a beautiful snowy day here in Indiana. I'm just loving the snow. It's my grand baby's first snow and she's also lovin' it. We're going to buy her a snow suit soon! I'm so looking forward to the years ahead raising my Kylah. It was just so difficult raising my 2 girls as a single mother. I didn't really get to enjoy being a mother. Now I can enjoy raising my grand daughter. My husband loves her as his own. We're going to have some wonderful years together.
My mac is being worked on, so I'm having to use my old pc. This pc isn't connected to our new scanner/printer so I can't scan any of my new art projects that I"ve been working on. I've been taking some online classes from Jane Davenport. She's just a wonderful artist. I'm taking a class called, "Joynal" It's about drawing fairies, unicorn, mermaids and making your own storybook. I have 3 pages done and I'll post them when I get my mac back.
So, for now I'll just dig into the archives and grab an old image for you all today. I hope it's inspirational and you can make something with it. :) Tell your friends about my blog please. I'll be posting lots of free images.
Have a happy day my friends!! Love you all!