Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Birthday Fairy!

I drew this little fairy last night. I really need to start working on images to work for boys. I have two sisters and two daughters. No boys anywhere. I just don't know how to relate to boys. What are boys into these days???


Vintage Milly said...

Oh this is gorgeous Tracey, love it.
Well the little boys in my life are into - cycle bikes and little scooters, cake baking and washing up, gluing and sticking(or crafting in our terms, playing with trains and train sets, dinosaurs, digging in the garden, and mobile phones, computer games and ipod for the older ones. Good luck with your new designs,

cardmaking bird said...

Wrestling and Star Wars!!! Love the birthday fairy. Hugs, Marie xx

Arts by Sara said...

Wow! She is adorable! Awesome! Have a wonderful day! Happy Creating! Sara

Ms. Jen said...

Love her!

Kendra said...

My son is into baseball, tractors, biking, 4-wheeeling....hope that helps!