Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lotus Fairy

Hi everyone,
I finished a new image tonight. Lotus FairyI know, "it's about time". Well, the baby was very agreeable today and let me work. :D So, I finished this image and I'm getting ready to go do some painting. I wish I had half as much confidence in painting as I do in drawing. My paintings aren't too pretty so far. But, I'm still new at it. I'll keep practicing and practicing until I'm happy with it. What is it they say, "every artist has 1000 bad paintings for every good one"? Well, it's probably going to take me 999 tries. :) I'll get there one of these days.
Have a happy evening everyone!!


CraftyGirl said...

Very pretty Tracey! I bet your paintings are awesome. Really hard to judge your own work.



Jacqy said...

Tracey, I'm out of the loop here I know, but did you post you have a little one? What I'm getting at is, wow, I am more impressed by you now than ever, girlfriend. The image you just drew was great. Cannot wait to see something you've painted. Your talent simply abounds, Tracey. I don't know if I would have had the energy much less time to achieve what you have. Fantastic. When is this image going to be available. I feel a shopping trip is in my future. LOL

Kim said...

She's really cute.

Stephen said...

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