Saturday, November 21, 2015

Do it Yourself Valentine's Cards

Hi this is Jamie here. Since Valentine's images are on sale this month I wanted to share something simple to make for your kiddos. You can make these for your children or their classmates. I made a whole class set in no time.
Really all you need to do is cut and glue on these cards. This could be a project for your child to glue together while on winter break. I here parents tell me all the time what I am going to do with this kid for three weeks (I am a teacher).
I used two images in these samples. The cowboy is perfect for them to write the to and from right on the front. Easy peezy. Just click this link to take you straight to the Valentine's images.


Stef H said...

these are absolutely fab-u-lous!!!!

Tina said...

adorable cards....great inspiration

miki g said...

the idea for color your own is catching on ! that's one of my favorite things about TSB images, they are easy to use.

memorial garden benches said...

Wow! That's adorable. Great job!