Thursday, December 10, 2015

DIY planner bookmark

Hello I don't know about you but I've started thinking about the new year approaching.  I've been using a planner in some form or another since I was given my first one in school.  Though for 2016 I'm diving into the planner world and I'm excited. I'm going to decorate with washi tape, ebellishments and make my planner fun but also funtion for my needs in the coming year.

I've got to write things down to clear my head and just keep track of it all. So if you're like me in this and love planners then keep reading. 

I decided to make a to do list bookmark with TSB image "Multi-task Girl".  I put it all together and laminated it.  To write on the tasks I used a high qauilty dry erase marker so it won't smear onto my nicely decorated planner pages or you could also put a matching size vellum or paper piece over it to help with this too.  

The front of bookmark

The back of bookmark

The bookmark with tasks written on it. 

Happy planning! 



Robin LaVonne Moore said...

Love ya idea... you are very creative. I have and love planners, but have not started altering or making them pretty. Abe thst should be A New Years resolution. Love your idea.

melissac said...

Annalisa this is awesome!!! I think I have to make myself one!!