Friday, September 16, 2011

Our oh so snobby princess is back!

She back and kissing her Christmas presents. Well what did we expect? Typical Princess Jennifer Latte. LOL!

I bought the most beautiful Crate Paper Christmas paper and really wanted a new image to use with it. So I decided to do a new PJL. I just thought that I should have put some mistletoe hanging above her, but it's too late now. Darn! Well, I'm off to start my project. I just might post it if it's any good.
Have a super day!!!!!
Get PJL kissing her presents here...


Jennifer Scull said...

oh you know I love her! the best part of this image is her foot kicked up! that cracks me up! :) wonderful as always, Tracey! I have plans for this one already..... tee hee!

Anonymous said...

So much fun! :) I can see lots of possibilities with her! :)
Sandy :)